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"Fever" 7:10. 2020

An experimental piece using sounds programmed and generated from various analog and granular synthesizers in VCV Rack and Max MS/P. The intentions of the piece were to convey a rhythmic ambiguity and a constantly fluctuating compositional structure. 

Good Company. 2021

My most recent project under the stage name Bess Ivy. Good Company is a collection of sonic sketches, beats and small songs made over a 10 day period in which I was quarantining with Covid. The goal was to create at least one piece of music every day while quarantining, embracing the ephemerality of the process rather than over analyzing. The entire project is produced, recorded and mixed by me and available on all streaming services.

Lemon Snow. 3:06. 2019

Short experimental piece. Lightly mixed and unmastered at this point.

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