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3'x2'x7" Custom Built Acrylic Display Case. Projected Video & Audio. Old Smartphones and Synthetic Mesh Fabric.

Brainforest is an audiovisual installation which incorporates appropriated sound and imagery in the context of a physical, synthetic terrarium. This source material, drawn from screen captures and cutouts from my own media footprint, is displaced and distorted several times over through the means of inkjet scanners, synthesizers and editing techniques in Photoshop. The piece intends to encapsulate and provide a sensory experience for brain fog, confusion and over stimulation in the context of contemporary media consumption.

Sanctity of Illusions. 2018. Front View
Sanctity of Illusions. 2018. Left Side View



Edited stock images and screenshots hung inside a 12"x12"x8" display case with miscellaneous litter and soil extracted from the Miracle Mile. 

Cravings Agenda. 2019
Cravings Agenda. 2019
Cravings Agenda. 2019

"Cravings Agenda". 2019.

Silkscreen on Canvas and Synthetic Polyester featuring custom graphics, appropriated diagrams and imagery from US Military pamphlets and screenshots from Hollywood films depicting apocalyptic disaster. Work discusses relationships between hyper stimulation, the fetishization of the US military and fear of extinction.

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